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Rocker October 25th, 2013 5:35pm

Do you feel like its bad if a Christian were to celebrate Halloween?

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gunluvr NOT a Gun Free Zone
10/25/13 4:10 pm

My wife is a deliverance minister, and I can tell you there is much more to Halloween and the occult than most Christians realize .. I would NEVER celebrate this type of thing ...

steelcity Pittsburgh
10/25/13 2:31 pm

Calling weaker bother on this. I don't think it's appropriate for Christians to celebrate Halloween-so I don't. Some feel it's alright so they do.

1 Corinthians 8

Minyanko Tumblr
10/25/13 2:18 pm

No! I love Halloween! And Christmas!

true Home
10/25/13 1:35 pm

It would be silly not too.

icytoes the tepid north
10/25/13 12:38 pm

No more than to set up a Christmas tree or participate in an Easter egg hunt.

Rocker saved by grace
10/25/13 12:25 pm

I think the intent behind participating is what matters most. I don't think anything is wrong with carving a pumpkin or trick or treating for families.

elianastar FreeSpeech
10/25/13 12:00 pm

I have very strong personal reasons for not engaging in Hallowe'en celebrations. I feel it would be best if believers did likewise. But I don't take it upon myself to make decisions for others. Each one needs to ask Him what He wants *them* to do.

Rocker saved by grace
10/25/13 12:25 pm

Excellent point. I agree

theavgguy I.E.
10/25/13 11:04 am

If people do they need to lighten up.

JennaAwesome Book Lover
10/25/13 10:39 am

I'm Christian and a celebrate Halloween