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goalie31 October 20th, 2013 11:30pm

Are fossil fuels to important to the economy to stop using?

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TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/20/13 6:44 pm

It's not just economics. There's no legitimate reason to stop using them.

Statek Im from the Internet
10/21/13 4:58 am

So keep using them until they run out?
Then what?

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/21/13 5:34 am

By then, a couple centuries from now, we'll have figured out something much more efficient.

Statek Im from the Internet
10/21/13 5:35 am

Except we will run out in our lifetime..

skinner Jersey City
10/20/13 6:37 pm

Immediately? Yes.
In time if an alternate solution becomes present? No.

trollthepoll Pro Choice
10/20/13 5:03 pm

What we agree on this? You for hydrogen?

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/20/13 6:03 pm

don't forget natural gas, crued oil, and coal

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/20/13 4:57 pm

Some of the world's largest economies are reliant on fossil fuels. So, yes.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/20/13 4:42 pm

too* I really need to read these more thoroughly before I post them

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/20/13 4:52 pm

If you feel so inclined, you could close it and re-ask with the edit made.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/20/13 4:54 pm

I've done that with major errors but people can understand this and it very minor...