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TiltonAllStarz October 17th, 2013 4:17pm

Not for money or prizes, but for the experience, would you live an Amish lifestyle for a full week?

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thndrstrike Salinas, California
10/17/13 7:25 pm

Can't live without technology. That's just who I am.

Michael Updating...
10/17/13 4:04 pm

I think it would be awesome to try out for a month or so. I can't say I would want to do it for much longer though.

chinito Florida
10/17/13 1:44 pm

I would love to. Where do I sign!

cowboy Proud Father
10/17/13 1:37 pm

Afraid of actual work? Fits you're persona.

trollthepoll Pro Choice
10/17/13 1:47 pm

Haha I would rather work with a computer. Already worked on a farm... But being a "cowboy" form Illinois you must know a lot about work....

10/17/13 10:51 am

I've been on a farm with no electricity for four days due to a series of major earthquakes. F*** that. It's an experience I can do without ever again. Have fun getting water to 400 animals when your well isn't working.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/17/13 10:11 am

If I could keep from accidentally swearing I'd fit right in for a short time.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
10/17/13 9:57 am

I know I could do this for a week! I KNOW IT! I think I'd be disruptive, though. Not intentionally. I think the Amish folk, particularly the 'Elders', might consider my week to be 6 days too many. :-/

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/17/13 9:36 am

I think it would be cool! I could use that break from the fast-paced world; we all could, in fact. Plus, they have good food.

MJSeals Esq.
10/17/13 9:35 am

No SOH, sports to watch, Obama to yell at, no ipad for.... nope

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/17/13 9:37 am

It's just a week! You don't think you'd benefit from losing those things for a week... ?

MJSeals Esq.
10/17/13 9:41 am

I could, I have. I just don't want to

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/17/13 11:01 am

Fair enough. To each their own, right?

Cole12 ...
10/17/13 9:34 am

I live in Amish country and find their whole lifestyle to be rather silly and hypocritical. For example, the Amish freely use electricity and other modern conveniences in their businesses. They also ride in cars all the time - they just don't...

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/17/13 9:38 am

Do you live an Amish lifestyle or just live amongst it?

Cole12 ...
10/17/13 9:59 am

Nope, I'm not Amish. Contrary to popular belief, the Amish are only a small minority in the central PA area.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/17/13 10:56 am

I've been to the Amish country, but not in a long time. I was near-ish over the summer when our car broke down on the way to New Orleans and we were stuck in greencastle for a day and a half, but it was really more mason-dixon country.

EarlyBird Portland
10/17/13 11:12 am

Cole- what is their religion? Are they Christian?

Cole12 ...
10/17/13 11:31 am

Early: Yes, they are Christians that reject modern technologies and live off the land.

cowboy Proud Father
10/17/13 9:29 am

Only a week? I would for life.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
10/17/13 9:26 am

I'd like to do this, to start horse-drawn carriage/buggy races! Kind o' like the Amish version of NASCAR. I think the Amish kids would TOTALLY dig me! :D

inge MIA
10/17/13 9:23 am

Yessss. I love seeing Amish county. I think it is so amazing.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
10/17/13 9:21 am

"Witness" was a cool Amish flick. :)

chickencookie disgusted
10/17/13 9:22 am

Love that movie!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
10/17/13 9:19 am

YES! I am TOTALLY curious about this Amish Mafioso! :D

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
10/17/13 9:18 am

I was watching the DIY network last night and saw Vanilla Ice doing a show in Amish country...

Only in America.

crose85 Sycamore, IL
10/17/13 9:21 am

No Larry the Cable Guy does "Only on America"…..... haha