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MrTurtle October 16th, 2013 6:31pm

New feature feedback! We are working on a new-and-improved "Agreement Stats" feature that will be for subscribers only (link to mock-up inside). I need to decide: should stats calculate against all SOH polls or just political topics? More inside...

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/16/13 10:35 pm

Ideally, it would be great if I could run the agree window against each category individually. Otherwise all. I understand that the stats pop more run against politics, but that is probably the category that I'm least interested in.

huskermedic Cincinnati
10/17/13 2:25 pm

This. It needs to be all until you can run by category.

wego Utah
10/16/13 9:34 pm

When you're open for new feature/future improvement suggestions, let me know!!

10/16/13 4:42 pm

I would like it to show everything.

Remember, some questions are not about politics, per se, but are politically charged - for example, religious topics.

Could you let users pick which they would like? It could be a selection on the stats page.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/16/13 3:21 pm

I feel it should cover all topics. Your agreement over politics doesn't dictate your overall agreement; although it plays a large part. Then again, I rarely disclose many of my political beliefs around the app.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
10/16/13 3:13 pm

Which stats? I'd say make the political stats of only the political polls, but for something like gender, I think it should be of all polls.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
10/16/13 4:35 pm

I saw it, but I was thinking a slightly different algorithm for political and non political stats.

comppete Las Vegas
10/16/13 2:18 pm

I believe politics is the topic most people are interested in comparing. There are so many polls on fun/silly topics that are of no circumstance to most people. Just my opinion.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/16/13 12:18 pm

I think the most meaningful way to do this would be to show agreement stats for all categories individually. Put a selection box at the top of the screen to pick the category being used at the moment.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
10/16/13 12:14 pm

All, I'm interested in so much more than just politics, but I rarely look at the agreement percent anyway.

susanr Colorado
10/16/13 12:06 pm

Just political. But I say that very reluctantly. I really don't care much what groups I agree/disagree with politically; I'm more curious about agreement over a broader range of subjects. But it looks as if the political stats are more focused &

susanr Colorado
10/16/13 12:10 pm

meaningful (in some way...). Ideally I'd prefer to see stats for the different categories, plus the one for all SOH polls... but I don't think just the all-SOH-polls option would be very satisfying to most people.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
10/16/13 11:49 am

Me personally, strictly political.
The brownie vs cake type question blur the line.
I enjoy the questions, don't get me wrong, but the political percentage is what I see most users talk about.

10/16/13 11:42 am

What happens if I only vote some polls?

MrTurtle I like turtles
10/16/13 11:52 am

Polls that you didn't vote on get excluded from your calculation.

10/16/13 11:54 am

Thanks. I think this should be communicated. Maybe this could help get people to vote all polls. I have noticed many polls have fewer votes than we used to have.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/16/13 11:42 am

How are you screening which questions are political? Are user questions that are political included in this or just the public ones?

MrTurtle I like turtles
10/16/13 11:51 am

Just public SOH questions. I categorize all of them.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/16/13 12:33 pm

Could you add the ability for users to categorize their questions and have them subjected to the same category filters as the SOH questions?

10/16/13 11:39 am

Politics please. Would that include national economy etc also? I don't think polls like have you fallen down the stairs add anything. My idea would be by subject. I expect I will agree with republicans on economy but democrats on environment.

10/16/13 11:41 am

I agree with Tom. Politics seems to make the most sense. But it would be ideal if users could choose which poll category they'd like to see their stats compared to.

10/16/13 11:41 am

I agree with Tom. Politics seems to make the most sense. But it would be ideal if users could choose which poll category they'd like to see their stats compared to.

MrTurtle I like turtles
10/16/13 11:33 am is a mockup. If I calculate against all poll categories, the differences between Agrees Most and Agrees Least get smaller (average 3-4% diff). If I do politics only, those differences increase 2-3x...

MrTurtle I like turtles
10/16/13 11:35 am

To picture it, tapping on the Party card might show something like MOST: Democrats 56.5% LEAST: Libertarians 52.2% if it's looking at all polls.

If it only factors in political polls, MOST might jump to 65% and least might drop to 45%.

MrTurtle I like turtles
10/16/13 11:37 am

And please don't bother examining the data on that mock-up too closely. It's not real. :)

If you want me to share your AGREE stats here (publicly) so you can see what they are, say the word.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/19/13 7:06 pm

I still don't know exactly how the current profile stats are calculated?