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thebob October 14th, 2013 5:14am

Is it ever appropriate (metaphorically) to beat someone down to bring them back up.

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theavgguy I.E.
10/14/13 12:26 am

Military do it to new recruits all the time.

Tony SOH Founder
10/13/13 10:35 pm

It's usually not a great idea, but it can be appropriate and effective if you are working with someone whose pride is a major barrier to them learning or changing or growing.

thebob Medford Oregon
10/14/13 12:00 am

Perhaps. I've seen a lot of criminal thinking clients who just don't get it and who have an exaggerated sense if entitlement which is in alignment to your thoughts on pride.

bkcrt California
10/13/13 10:22 pm

Works great for the military, Maggot.

thebob Medford Oregon
10/13/13 11:58 pm

I actually considered the military when I wrote the question and I can see validity in the military. NOW GIVE ME 50 PUSH-UPS!!!!

thebob Medford Oregon
10/13/13 10:16 pm

I'm a drug and alcohol counselor and this philosophy is atrocious in my opinion. Yelling at and demeaning people to "rebuild" them is abusive unto itself.