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droo March 30th, 2013 4:50pm

Would you rather see government leaders stick to their principles and beliefs on tax increases and spending cuts even if no agreement is reached, or compromise on their principles and beliefs in order to reach an agreement?

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cato Santa Barbara, California
03/30/13 1:51 pm

I like gridlock. It is good for the tax payer.

chrismisen atlanta
03/30/13 11:12 am

i agree that compromise is the only way forward, but a part of me is thinking, "wait, what values were they elected for?" and if they compromise so much that their promises to the public are broken, have they chosen the right path? i dont know.

susanr Colorado
03/30/13 11:03 am

Have to compromise. Otherwise nothing gets done, and things get worse.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/30/13 10:04 am

I guess when it comes to agreements, both parties have to compromise a little in order to get anything done. That's been the problem now, IMO, both parties are so stuck in their ways, no one wants to move or hear the other side. That's why the country isn't moving forward on anything.