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chile March 29th, 2013 7:25pm

Does the price of a meal have any connection to your ability to enjoy it?

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pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/30/13 6:41 am

I'm kind of a health food addict and I love organic. It was a tough question but you can't get quality health food cheap. U get what you pay for. So, to me, $=quality, giving me great taste.

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/30/13 8:48 am

Not whole milk. I like silk's unsweetened vanilla almond. ????

chile safer than congress
03/31/13 4:59 pm

Sorry. I meant the chain of stores called WholeFoods. Like Trader Joe's but more variety. If neither of those are familiar, they both sell organic food and specialty foods.

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/31/13 5:27 pm

Yes, like The Old Wheat Barn for me!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
03/29/13 1:20 pm

If the cost is higher, but the quality is bad, then it would taste even worse. If the food is pricey, it should taste better, but it doesn't always work that way.

03/29/13 1:03 pm

Hopefully the higher cost reflects an increase in the quality of ingredient used to prepare the meal. In that line of thought, give me the $8 burger. However, I would LOVE to eat 8 mc doubles! (Darn healthy eating lifestyle!)

Arkansas123 Neoconservative
03/29/13 12:33 pm

Not at all. I love Mexican, which is about the cheapest food available.