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DarthTater November 23rd, 2019 5:45pm

Iā€™m going to a funeral today for one of my friends who died in the Saugus shooting. Have you ever lost a close friend?

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11/24/19 1:41 pm

No but I spoke at the funeral of one of the kids I coached who lost his fight with cancer.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/23/19 11:43 pm

Revel the happiness your friend gave all of you. Don't let the assholes get you down.
When the fervent emotion subsides, marry rationality with the energy to make any changes you wish. But don't turn your friend from a friend into a marketing piece.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/23/19 11:40 pm

The wonderful person who was my first kiss.
She was beloved of all our friends for being such a happy ā˜€ļø person.
She caught an odd illness
Doctors didn't know what it was, so they labeled it "lupus".
Lupus is the "I don't know wtf this is" diagnosis.šŸ˜ž

And after a year long battle, she died. It was about 10 years ago,
And as this was my birthday, we were talking about her, a best friend of all of us from
JHS and HS.

So here is a prayer and toast to you, from all of us, "giggles" šŸ™šŸ˜ƒā¤ļøšŸ˜˜

And prayers to her surviving husband. A good guy who stood by her thru and thru. ā¤ļøšŸ‘šŸ™šŸ¤˜

11/23/19 10:53 pm

Sorry for your loss!

When I was in high school one of my best friends died in a car wreck, he slid off the road and crashed into a tree on a snowy winter night. šŸ˜­

omniku dot com
11/23/19 8:17 pm

My condolences for your loss. That’s terrible

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/23/19 8:11 pm

I’m so very sorry Darth for your tragic loss. I lost a very close friend when I was 20.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/23/19 7:33 pm

I’m saddened to hear that.

When I was in high school three of my classmates died in a car crash. I had known one of them since the first grade. We went to each other’s birthday parties. It brought our class closer.


4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/23/19 5:23 pm

I’m so sorry for your loss. Yes, I lost my best friend and “other” mother to cancer 6 years ago.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/23/19 5:11 pm

I’m so sorry about your friend. I have lost a close friend. And, my sister died last year.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/23/19 3:52 pm

Darth, so very sorry.

I lost one of my best friends summer between 8th and 9th grade to a drunk driver jumping a sidewalk.
Even after 30 years it’s still surreal.

11/23/19 12:45 pm

Sorry for you. Yes...too many.

Ebola007 Florida
11/23/19 12:31 pm

My condolences.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/23/19 12:18 pm

Darth, I am sad for your loss and for all the victims of the shooting. Think about all the good memories of your friend and find some comfort. Praying for your peace. šŸ™šŸ»

DarthTater Jesus Saves
11/23/19 11:55 am

I’m so sorry

zimmy Florida
11/23/19 12:01 pm

Thanks, sorry for your loss as well.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/23/19 11:23 am

Sorry for your loss, Darth. I lost my best childhood friend when US Air 427 went down in 1994. Another longtime close friend died earlier this year. I’M attending my K-12 headmaster’s funeral tomorrow.

11/23/19 11:16 am

I'm very sorry darthtater. That's awful and heartbreaking.

DarthTater Jesus Saves
11/23/19 11:17 am

Thank you very much, @TierasPet .

HBNY this space for rent
11/23/19 11:07 am

I haven’t really “lost” any close friends to illness or death. I have lost people due to other factors.

Ebola007 Florida
11/23/19 10:59 am

You could say that I’ve lost my twin brother to Alzheimer’s. When I really do lose him I don’t know what I’ll do. It will be like losing a part of my heart. šŸ˜¢

HBNY this space for rent
11/23/19 11:06 am

I thought you were young.

Ebola007 Florida
11/23/19 11:11 am

Not really. I have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

11/23/19 11:15 am

I'm so sorry Ebola.

HBNY this space for rent
11/23/19 11:16 am

I’m sorry Ebola. That’s awful. Are you at risk too?

Ebola007 Florida
11/23/19 12:30 pm

We don’t really know what causes Alzheimer’s. Even though we are identical twins I’ve shown no signs of it.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
11/23/19 2:59 pm

Ebola, I know exactly what you mean, about feeling as if you have already lost him.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/23/19 8:09 pm

šŸ’”@Ebola007 šŸ’” @GrandmaAlice
I understand that too. I lost my mother years before she died.

Ebola007 Florida
11/24/19 12:37 am

It’s a terrible disease.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
11/24/19 8:20 am

But, I’ll say this ... My husband is happy and living the best life he can, under the circumstances. I miss what he used to be - *every day*. But, he does not remember it, so he does not miss it.

My new profile pic is from the place he is living. They had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for residents and family. The staff went all out to make it festive and fun.


chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/24/19 8:57 am

Looks like a lovely place and he looks happy.