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buster1922 November 22nd, 2019 7:41pm

Should children be allowed to watch X-ratted movies?

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doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
11/22/19 4:54 pm

If you let your kids watch porn, you should be locked up. They will learn sinfulness all on their own.

Robert0111 Oscar Romeo
11/22/19 1:05 pm

parents decision.

11/22/19 12:53 pm

90% of them already do. Strictly enforce the law or get rid of it entirely

Robert0111 Oscar Romeo
11/22/19 1:06 pm

I'm unfamiliar with any law that prohibits children from watching high rated movies I believe it's just a forest consumer suggestion.

jbar1 University
11/22/19 1:34 pm

It’s definitely illegal for children to watch porn, but nobody does anything about it

Robert0111 Oscar Romeo
11/22/19 2:16 pm

I actually don't think it's illegal for a child to watch porn...

I think the laws pertaining to this prevent companies from advertising form to children or something along those lines.

But by all means if I'm wrong source of the law for me.

jbar1 University
11/22/19 3:53 pm

I was incorrect, I lost the source but the law is that you cannot show a minor pornography but them accessing it is not directly illegal. This is why many porn companies choose to make their content 18+ so as to avoid any possible repercussion.

Robert0111 Oscar Romeo
11/22/19 4:05 pm

yeah, the restrictions are placed on the market not on the consumer.