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FLSun November 7th, 2019 3:09pm

If Biden never entered the Presidential campaign, would the Ukraine call matter?

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suppressedID destiny is right now
11/07/19 7:49 pm

I’m wondering why the POTUS suddenly cares about enforcing the laws of other countries when its “America First”.

11/07/19 10:30 am

If Biden didn't enter the race for president, the bribery call would not have happened...

FLSun Florida
11/07/19 12:07 pm

Sure it would, he wants the lot of them, Biden is just the dumbest low hanging fruit.

11/07/19 2:06 pm

So you think Trump is going to continue bribing other foreign entities to help him in the election....

FLSun Florida
11/07/19 3:18 pm

No bribery involved, jut a relentless pursuit of dirty Dems...pretty sure Joey is the only idiot to run for office. This impeachment dies before Valentines Day, but the Dems felonious activity will take a bit longer. But they will go down.

DonWichita Kansas
11/07/19 8:32 am

Yes, but it would not have gained any media attention if Biden wasnt involved in it.
The test is:
Has the media highlighted any other foreign corruption investigations in work that don't have well known political personalities attached ?
I see just this one.