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Wert November 7th, 2019 5:46am

MUSIC BREAK: A Taste of Honey - Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass

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auntiesamm Lake Stevens WA
11/07/19 12:59 pm

Not listening but I love it. Herb Alpert is a musical genius. When I hear “Tequila” I want to dance! Takes me back to my younger years.

Wert A picture of my sack
11/07/19 3:44 pm

Are you thinking of The Champs? They did Tequila.

Ebola007 Florida
11/07/19 1:00 am


Ebola007 Florida
11/07/19 1:02 am

I have that album.

Wert A picture of my sack
11/07/19 8:28 am

Me too. It’s one of the greats.