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VivaLaFalange November 4th, 2019 4:30pm

If you had to choose between banning guns completely or having no restrictions on them whatsoever, what would you chose?

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Quinnipiac Here
11/05/19 11:38 am

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Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
11/04/19 9:07 pm

Allow them all! That way I can El Chapo my way out anytime the police try to arrest me.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/04/19 6:00 pm

2015 the US ranked 83 out of 192 countries for intentional murder. Ranks 82-1 are all third world countries.

The estimate of of civilian firearms per 100 persons worldwide: the US ranks #1 at 120.5, the next closest is Yemen at 52.8, and guess where they get them?! From the Saudis, who get them from us!

Judging from the few quick listings I read, I’d say that there are some Americans that are either violent or paranoid.

bonemouth lost in the wilderness
11/04/19 11:21 am

With out guns, the bigger guy with the bigger stick would would rule us all. 600 years ago the slogan of the time was “Might is right and God is on the side of righteousness. Samuel Colt said”God created man equal, Col Colt made man equal.”

Americanophile Venezuelan
11/04/19 10:39 am

In fact nothing is really banned, everything is part of a very fragile equilibrium in which many factors, led by our morals, are the one that tell us what to do, and it only remains to circumvent the discretion with which laws are applied. So in this case I prefer we to be honest and allow them all, at the end of the day the countries outside nuclear weapons treaties have a lot of secret nuclear weapons, and ordinary people are economically unable to buy nuclear weapons, it goes beyond the law.

CMChristian gone
11/04/19 9:35 am

The 2nd amendment is a gateway for revolution, namely a fascist revolution. If we had no arms to march with it'd be impossible to radically change the government and the ideals of the nation.

VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/04/19 9:39 am

God willing that march will happen soon

11/04/19 9:58 am

Get over yourselves. You’d sooner see anarchism than capitalism in the US.

VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/04/19 10:14 am

Anarchy is far less likely lmao