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sashorisuk north
02/14/19 3:47 pm

Once again, both are terrible

sashorisuk north
02/14/19 4:08 pm

Capitalist swine

sashorisuk north
02/14/19 4:12 pm

That's because you're either a capitalist too or you're a sheep

CarolusRex1697 Gott mit uns
02/14/19 4:18 pm

Oh the cringe!

FriendlyGuy Erected
02/14/19 7:21 pm

When you find someone more left than zimmy

zimmy Florida
02/15/19 4:37 am

Bri- I’m center lef, capitalism is a good thing, unless totally unrestricted, This person here on the tread i think might be a communist.

CarolusRex1697 Gott mit uns
02/15/19 10:57 am

I would say you are center left, but you are definitely not a commue like that dude.

CarolusRex1697 Gott mit uns
02/15/19 2:10 pm

Thats not what i meant to say. I meant that you dont seem center left. My phone corrected aren't as are.

zimmy Florida
02/15/19 4:11 pm

Depending on the issue, I’m rather conservative on strong families, and moral character. One of the reasons I find Trump so repulsive