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rons February 14th, 2019 1:43am

Should the Green New Deal come up for a vote in the Senate?

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Robert01 existentialist
02/14/19 11:29 am

What deal?

It's a bunch of 'what we should be doing'
Opposed to 'this is what we need and this is how we're going to do it.'

Jazzy5 USA
02/14/19 5:49 am

Saw Senator Menendez go nuts, when he was asked by a reporter about this!

mtdewbob Arizona
02/14/19 5:25 am

Absolutely, let’s get on record who is for and who is against.🤔

CaliRepublican Riverside, California
02/14/19 2:24 am

Let them vote. With a Republican majority sitting there it’ll fail.

xxxceo Nationalist
02/14/19 1:43 am

Of course. It’s only fair to allow them to vote on it.

02/13/19 11:10 pm

Yes, the American people can see exactly where the Democrats stand

shygal47 Florida east coast
02/13/19 8:55 pm

McConnell and his sly games. He never changes. Nasty man.

chinito Florida
02/13/19 10:22 pm

He might be nasty but any Democrat who votes for that deal is really stupid. Come on, grow a pair, and stand up to AOC. Tell her I’m not a fricking Communist. Nothing wrong with not being a extremist sheep.

xxxceo Nationalist
02/14/19 1:42 am

It’s sly to allow the Democrats to vote on a Democrat bill? They should be thanking him. It wasn’t too long ago that he was vilified for disallowing a vote that they wanted.

rons Thanks America
02/14/19 6:13 am

On the surface the Green New Deal sounds great. Let’s do it! On the other hand the execution is problematic. The democrats are endorsing the GND so why not put the resolution to vote? Worse case is the republicans run the cost and the problems of the plan. The democrats can claim the republicans are deniers to progress. It all good debate.

shygal47 Florida east coast
02/14/19 8:49 am

It IS good debate, Rons. It’s sly on McConnell’s part because it forces the Dems to state firmly what they are willing to vote for, but it also identifies any GOP who may waver from the Party line - HIS Party line. He’s always been a person that has ulterior motives for every action; what appears to be up-front politics is really hiding an alternate purpose. He’s got lots of years of experience at being a “planner”.

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
02/13/19 7:13 pm

Absolutely.....get some of these commies on the record.....2020 is not too far along!.....

MrPresident11 Reaching Moksha
02/13/19 6:57 pm

It would get turned down

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/13/19 8:07 pm

Yeah but this benefits republicans by forcing the schism in the dem party by making them vote (pick a side)