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JaydenH February 9th, 2019 2:48am

Does Trump have the possibility of being impeached.

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02/09/19 6:28 am

Well it’s Pelosi’s house so anything is possible. However, you cannot impeach a president that has an approval rating that’s more than 30%. Also, he would not get removed from office by the senate

credo Positive Rights Exist
02/09/19 4:01 pm

Impeachment has nothing to do with approval rating.

02/09/19 6:26 am

I would say impeachment is a near certainty.
Conviction is a remote possibility until we see all the evidence presented by Mueller.

susanr Colorado
02/08/19 9:05 pm

Possibility? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he’d be removed from office. (And personally I hope impeachment doesn’t happen. I think it would be extremely disruptive to the country and polarize us even more than we already are. Not that I’m at all happy with Trump.)

JaydenH Powell, TN
02/08/19 9:52 pm

Besides the fact that it would leave us with President Pence

susanr Colorado
02/09/19 12:46 am

It would, but I’d much rather have a not-the-Republican-president-I’d-wish-on-the-US kind of Republican president than the infantile lying/ignorant anti-science malignant psychopathic narcissist that we have now because I don’t think Pence would be nearly as dangerous (nuclear button dangerous) or as destructive of policies & programs as the current guy is and will continue to be.

susanr Colorado
02/09/19 12:53 am

See, what I’d *really* like to have happen is for enough Republicans to come to their senses and grow a pair, and instigate some sort of ousting themselves, or at least not allow this guy the party nomination for a second term. I think it would be extremely bad for the future of the country if the impetus to make him go away comes from Democrats. I think the rift - not just between politicians but especially between the groups in the general population - would widen and deepen and be virtually impossible to ever heal. I hope I’m wrong about that, though.


ronderman North Carolina
02/09/19 5:34 am

Susan, that’s what I expected when he was first elected. I expected a challenge for the primary. It’s not going to happen, because he was incredibly effective, especially his first year. We all hate his public persona, but he got things done.

Miss you.

Lent is coming up soon. I need to lose a lot of weight. We doing this again?

02/09/19 6:38 am

I keep hearing how effective Trump has been and I just don't get it.
He came into office with a Republican House and Senate.
He has appointed conservative judges and cut federal regulations while cutting taxes mainly for the wealthiest Americans.
Please tell me honestly if any Republican president wouldn't have done those exact same things with complete control of government like Trump has had up to this last election.

susanr Colorado
02/09/19 1:46 pm

ronderman - YES YES YES! PLEASE! (That’s in reply to Lent, and also missing you too.)

March 6, right? I’ll start making my list. I want to think hard about my non-material one.

Zaramoth A Damn Commie
02/08/19 8:18 pm

Possible, I'd rather worse come to him though

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/08/19 8:15 pm

Well if Bill Clinton didn’t get officially impeached the odds are slim that Trump will be...

susanr Colorado
02/08/19 9:06 pm

Clinton *was* officially impeached. Impeachment is simply the bringing of charges, not actually finding someone guilty.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/08/19 9:16 pm

Well then you would know that the House brought perjury and obstruction of justice charges to the Senate but the Democratic majority Senate acquitted Clinton of all charges.. If you know how impeachment works, the president cannot be taken out of office when the House “impeached” the president. It has to go through the senate, which it didn’t and the charges were dropped..

However, there was a bunch of behind the scenes stuff where Clinton had to pay like 90k and sign something saying he would leave office after his term, in exchange for the Independent Counsel to end its investigation. It was a mess... Showing that this probably won’t happen to Trump due to the inconsistency of the process.

Ebola007 Florida
02/08/19 8:07 pm

Possible but very unlikely.