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mtdewbob February 7th, 2019 8:50pm

The standard Democrats gave then Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanagh was to withdraw his name from consideration to the Supreme Court. Why would it not be the same standard for Lieutenant Governor Fairfax to withdraw as Lieutenant Governor? šŸ˜³

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wolffman08 New Jersey
02/07/19 5:11 pm

I believe both accusers, but I do think there is a difference between impeaching a current lieutenant governor and approving a Supreme Court nominee.

wolffman08 New Jersey
02/07/19 5:12 pm

But just to be clear I hope he is investigated

mtdewbob Arizona
02/07/19 5:14 pm

No one said anything about impeachment because impeachment is out of the question. In the state of Virginia one cannot impeach for any action prior to them taking office. Since the action happened 15 years ago this would make impeachment out of the question. Even if the lieutenant governor admits to the sexual assault he still cannot be impeached so he would merely have to step aside.

wolffman08 New Jersey
02/07/19 5:17 pm

I didn’t know that. Could there still be a criminal investigation though?