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ProudAmerican44 February 6th, 2019 11:58pm

Does Senator Warren have a credibility problem?

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JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/07/19 1:28 pm

Not at all. She is a very accomplished woman, and has been extremely honest (minus one issue that didn’t even impact her future). We’ve all lied at some point — it doesn’t make it right, and she should be condemned for it, but the rest of her accomplishments certainly make her a formidable candidate.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
02/07/19 6:08 am

Look at who dug up the form with “American Indian” written on it. Not Fox News or some other right leaning was the Washington Post. Why did they do this...? IMO, they are trying to eliminate candidates not favored by the deep state. So, who’s the favorite? My bet is Kamala Harris...

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/06/19 11:26 pm

She’s out before she was in

ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
02/06/19 11:12 pm

She fucked up so now Republicans won't let her forget it.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/06/19 11:08 pm

She'd need credibility to have a credibility problem 😂

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
02/06/19 11:06 pm

Pocahontas speak with forked tongue...

Diogenes Not Biden It
02/06/19 8:36 pm

No. I apologize. No. Final answer. No. Well...maybe.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/07/19 12:45 am

Sounds like the VA governor about his yearbook photos 😂
Those Dems... re-using their talking points together.

02/06/19 8:14 pm

Warren has only the Native American controversy, of which she apologized. Credibility is not a problem over a small issue, and it is ironic to say she is not credible if you think Trump is. Trump and Hillary have terrible credibility, but I feel many align Warren with Hillary for no particular reason.

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
02/06/19 8:41 pm

In addition to claiming a questionable genetic connection to the the very people/races/ etc. that Warren’s party has habitually enslaved, she has the audacity to promote historically failed ideologies that will continue to enslave those that choose to be willfully ignorant.
It’s 2019... When will the greatest species on Earth learn to quit repeating it’s own mistakes?


TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
02/06/19 10:42 pm

More importantly, Warren is old enough to know firsthand the destruction her policies will bring... which naturally begs the questions: Is she complicit with such evil, and why?

02/07/19 6:56 am

I agree.

rons Thanks America
02/06/19 6:02 pm

We should have a POW WOW to discuss it.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
02/06/19 7:59 pm

Phillip Andrews ( native elder who drum bear the Catholic kids) needs to beat his drum in her face while she stares at him.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
02/07/19 6:45 am

Bring me my beer.


"Winston. There are pieces of cork in this Cab! Be a doll and pour me another!"

zimmy Florida
02/06/19 5:32 pm

Seems to be the trend now, Trump certainly does. ☚ī¸

ProudAmerican44 New Joisey
02/06/19 5:47 pm

So many of them do..on both sad 😔

rons Thanks America
02/06/19 6:08 pm

I found an old video of Warren.