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Crispy899 February 1st, 2019 8:06pm

This YouTube channel has almost no followers for the right reasons, I couldn’t even follow his argument on gun control with that ridiculous pony tail

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RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 8:00 pm

I didn’t even watch half and I had to stop. I lost 10 IQ points and I just need all my points I have.

Crispy899 America
02/01/19 10:25 pm

You ever just see someone and know you won’t like him?

Crispy899 America
02/01/19 10:25 pm

If we don’t address stupid it’ll grow. Just downvote him the ratio is already crazy tilted.

But if you wanna balance it there is a freedom toons episode about this dope

John1 Florida
02/01/19 1:20 pm

“Nothing’s more important than the safety of a child...”

This coming from the left who are now supporting killing babies up until their due date and maybe even post birth?!?!

I like how they compared the government to a mother. I know the left likes to suck on the metaphoric nipple of the government like a child does to its mommy. They can’t function unless the government is telling them how to live and not have things because they might hurt themselves or others.

Cars have killed people, knives have killed people, guns have killed people. No, people have used these TOOLS to cause harm. Guns have been used as a tool to actually save lives. There were more homicides in London, England in 2018 than there were in NYC. Imagine that, in a place where guns are outlawed, more people were killed with other weapons.

Crispy899 America
02/01/19 1:17 pm

If any of think these dopes have a point please share