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GlockMan1 June 12th, 2018 4:09pm

Did you see the Dennis Rodman CNN interview last night? Love him or hate was interesting to watch.

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Ferganam Behind You
06/15/18 3:04 am

I saw clips of Rodman slamming Obama and crying while the CNN mouthpiece sat there dumbfounded

ladyniner81 I hate people
06/14/18 5:57 am

No. He's an drama queen. He's worse than TO. I'll catch it on YouTube if it's hilariously stupid enough.

06/12/18 5:48 pm

I heard it. It was kind of sad.

ovcourse 8646 Commiefornia
06/12/18 3:07 pm

Read about it, I don’t watch the fake news channel.

zimmy Florida
06/12/18 1:03 pm

I’m shocked you watch CNN!? 😱

GlockMan1 Alabama
06/12/18 3:22 pm

I watch it just to get the others side spin on things. I already know what Hannity and Mark Levin think.

06/12/18 9:59 am

Watched it on youtube, I absolutely believe him because our intelligence warned Obama on 2 separate occasions about N.K. having nukes n being a threat n he ignored it both times. Was to busy building an Islamic army, destroying the M.E. so he could swarm the U.S. n our allies with muslims. Fuck Obama.

06/12/18 5:49 pm

So who did you vote for in 2008?

Ferganam Behind You
06/15/18 3:05 am

Not Obama