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iceberg124 June 12th, 2018 11:37am

The EU will be voting on a law which will require all photos and links posted on the Internet to go through a government filter to scan for copyright and prevent them from being viewed by European users. Good idea?

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RussianThunder Russia and USA
06/13/18 3:05 pm

The EU is such a pain in the ass. Seriously. It’s like the start of one world government ruled by reptilian overlords lol (that was a joke, not a conspiracy theory). I feel sorry for all EU countries.

Carcano Luke 10 19
06/13/18 12:57 pm

Did the Eurofags not get copies of 1984?

elfangor USA
06/12/18 11:35 am

Somehow I have a feeling that all of the things which promote opinions that they don’t like will all magically have copyright violations.

ctskapski x
06/12/18 11:33 am

Save the memes

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
06/12/18 8:31 am

Looks like Brexit wasn’t enough for them. Way to encourage other countries to part ways.

commonman1 Peace
06/12/18 7:04 am

This is why we don’t want to go to far left.

rons Thanks America
06/12/18 5:10 am

Burn some books while you are at it.