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commonman1 Peace
06/14/18 8:08 am

Trudeau is an idiot. Why would you want to start a trade war with a country in which your export trade makes up 20% of your GDP. It’s suicide.

bipartisanews California
06/14/18 8:10 am

Trump started that trade war by creating new tariffs. He’s the idiot.

commonman1 Peace
06/14/18 8:48 am

So let me get this right. You’re good with other countries placing tariffs up to 200% on goods US companies export but you’re against the US placing tariffs on foreign companies importing to us. Do you really believe that? Because that’s not fair trade is it.

Counterpoint Deep in the heart of TX
06/11/18 6:33 pm

I will always pick my president. Trudeau's war on free speech is an atrocity.

bipartisanews California
06/11/18 6:56 pm

What war on free speech. He doesn’t silence his opponents like trump does to the media. Or Putin does to his political opponents.

06/11/18 11:27 pm

Heh democrat, Trump doesn’t silence the media!!! He takes them on. Long overdue.

06/11/18 11:28 pm