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benseth June 11th, 2018 1:30am

Is the United States of America the country that is the greatest threat to world peace?

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06/11/18 5:11 am

That’s absurd

benseth 11,780 votes
06/11/18 5:34 am

Yet another wordy, strong argument. This one is more compelling. Where’s your buddy kscott? Seems to have tucked tail. I still have questions.

commonman1 Peace
06/10/18 11:38 pm

Don’t know how one could make that argument.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
06/10/18 10:21 pm

we seem to be uniting the world at the moment - against us

06/10/18 8:58 pm

It is as long as phony reality t. Star is president

06/10/18 8:59 pm

Why any other world leader besides a corrupt one. would show trump any respect is insane ....

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
06/10/18 8:38 pm

It has by far the largest military in terms of funding, bases around the globe, a history of various interventions which have had severely negative social and environmental consequences on the countries that were invaded, and a history of overthrowing democratic states and propping up authoritarian regimes. I think it makes sense to assign that label to the US.