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TheUbermensch June 8th, 2018 1:11am

Does the Democratic Party represent leftists properly?

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EarlyBird Portland
06/07/18 7:28 pm

The Democratic Party is kind of a mess right now. I voted “no”.

phalnx Ohio
06/07/18 7:26 pm's the best option we have. Libertarians are just Republicans by another name, the Greens are nut jobs, and we don't have a viable Labor Party, which is what I'd really want to see. They're still pretty good about not giving all our tax dollars to the rich.

06/08/18 2:36 am

The Democratic Party is supposed to be a labor party but I feel they have abandoned there message. I would say republicans are the only choice because look at all the other nations they have no free speech because of left leaning parties.

phalnx Ohio
06/08/18 8:03 am

We'll always have freedom of speech, just like we'll always have's too hard to make a Constitutional Amendment. Economic policy, however, often doesn't even need a vote...the President controls a lot of it, and Congress controls the rest.

The advancements in pay and working conditions that Unions won for us can be undone by simple majority votes in Congress, and we all know which side of the fence the Republican Party stands on.

06/08/18 8:05 am

That false. Freedom of speech is starting to be regulated socially. Only a matter of time before the govt steps in.

phalnx Ohio
06/08/18 8:22 am

How could the government step in when freedom of speech is explicitly guaranteed? It's like the Roe v. Wade thing...sure, individual States and localities might pass laws banning abortion, but they'll be overturned in court.

06/08/18 8:24 am

Never underestimate the power of big government.

phalnx Ohio
06/08/18 8:32 am

Big Government doesn't's all people. No one person is above the law, and power structures come and go.

06/08/18 8:56 am

Big government clearly does exist. It's when the government has too much control over people's lives. This happened in many countries before America. Learn from history.

06/07/18 6:19 pm

A political party cannot represent an entire demographic at any one time. Ideology cannot be broken into two halves and led by aristocrats. If there is any indication of our system’s flaws, it is this.