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lendluke iowa
06/03/18 10:36 am

I will never forget the game of Risk where my friend and ally betrayed me.

zimmy Florida
06/03/18 1:45 pm


Caseyh13 USA
06/03/18 7:36 am

I really don’t think I have. I know that when I was younger my bad decisions hurt friends because my priorities were totally messed up but I don’t know if that’s really betrayal.

UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
06/03/18 7:28 am

As a teenager over teenage “love”. Life lesson learned.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/03/18 6:19 am

Kind of. Never intentionally. But it sucked when I realized what I had done. šŸ˜¬

jmw7477 Indiana
06/03/18 5:23 am

I haven’t, but I’ve been betrayed.

CrazDab Florida
06/03/18 5:21 am

Someone was temporally living with me. I agreed to it. So I was stuck with it. But to make things more peaceful in the living conditions, I had to cut ties off with a close friend. I deleted them from social media. I would still text them and answer their phone calls. It was more like off the radar friendship. But still they were pretty upset with me. They didn’t understand why I dropped them when I could have dropped the other person. It kinda ruined the friendship.

zimmy Florida
06/03/18 5:43 am

That kinda thing happens sometimes. I understand

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
06/03/18 4:26 am

Nope but they have sure as hell betrayed me and the rest of my friends that hung out with him. It’s sad honestly, he was always the life of us and then he quit hanging out with everyone to sell fucking insurance.

Iļø use to see this guy daily, now Iļø send him a text and he replies a month later saying “sorry man I’ve been real busy” fuck outta here