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Bayofpigs Spokane wa
05/29/18 4:28 pm

It obviously is a real thing. But it is not bad in any conceivable way.

Zaramoth A Damn Commie
05/29/18 11:59 am

Of course its real. The term exists to describe something that happens. The important question is if it's harmful, or when is it harmful. For this I think it's a problem when it is used for gain. In this case one person is exploiting someone else's culture while they themselves are reaping the benefits, that is wrong. But in many cases that isn't the Intent or result of the cultural appropriation. Very often it's just a case of someone thinking a culturally unique or significant thing is cool or fun and has no intent of exploitation for gain. In these cases I think it's fairly harmless.

05/29/18 12:05 pm

“Cultural appropriation” is a natural occurrence due to cultural assimilation. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money from it either; I.e. a non-Italian opens an Italian Restaurant or a pizza parlor. Cultural appropriation in its purest form is a type of flattery.

mitchman399 Oregon
05/29/18 12:12 pm

I can't really think of an example of cultural appropriation actually being something negative.

proudGA New Jersey
05/29/18 12:19 pm

Kylie Jenner getting braids and starting the hashtag #whitegirlsdoitbetter

Elvis stealing all his music from black people. The point of the conversation is that it is at times apparent that we like a culture more than we like the people who made it.

mitchman399 Oregon
05/29/18 12:27 pm

I feel like the Kylie Jenner thing is a bit more racist than just cultural appropriation.

I don't really see the problem with Elvis. He was influenced by black musicians and created his own music. I don't really see how this has a negative impact.

05/29/18 12:30 pm

Agreed. Especially the Elvis response. Musicians worldwide mimic and copy each other’s work as a form of flattery.

proudGA New Jersey
05/29/18 12:31 pm

He literally stole their music and the only reason he got credit for it was because nobody in white america at that time would have listened to black gospel.

mitchman399 Oregon
05/29/18 12:35 pm

How is this different from a cover?

proudGA New Jersey
05/29/18 12:41 pm

If I do a cover of the a Beatles song do I get all their awards money and copyrights

mitchman399 Oregon
05/29/18 3:59 pm

You get all the accomplishments based on your recording of the song. Big Mamma's recording of the song was a hit. It was the number 1 R&B single for about three months. The song wasn't unknown in fact another band covered it before Elvis did. Covering a song is not stealing.