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YCOUSA May 28th, 2018 6:14am

Do Americans prefer strong, 'alpha male' leaders like Donald J. Trump? Or, do Americans prefer more feminine, soft-spoken leaders like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

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06/02/18 1:00 pm

Based on the 2016 election, I’d say it’s about 50/50. The coasts and a few big cities like beta males, the rest of the country likes alpha males

HelloIamMe Ny
05/28/18 8:28 am

That's hilarious 78% democrats voted soft leaders 😂😂 it's funny but sad how screwed America would be

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
05/28/18 6:04 am

I see where you're going with this but since when was Trump an alpha male?

zimmy Florida
05/28/18 4:15 am

Trump’s just an idiot, so this poll is a bit biased, plus just look at Trump! He has got zero testosterone!

DeltaGreen California
05/29/18 2:35 pm

What part of trump says zero testosterone. And this poll isn’t biased, Canada’s leader is a feminine piece of garbage that no one likes. Trump likes to get things done and get them done fast and efficiently. He is a great leader like Ronald Reagan. Prove me wrong.