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mtdewbob December 11th, 2017 10:56am

News media outlets this past week retracted four stories that were faked about President Trump and Trump administration. ABC News corrected Brian Ross/Flynn story; Bloomingburg; Deutsche Bank, CNN, Don Jr/Wikileaks; Washington Post, Rally Attendance.

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mtdewbob Arizona
12/11/17 5:32 am

I can see after five votes the Trolls 👹 are already out, as the down voting begins 😂

Think Lovin Life
12/11/17 6:28 am

MtDew ... what’s with those Cretans? This is a great question!

mtdewbob Arizona
12/11/17 7:26 am


Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/11/17 4:08 am

The Main Steam Media is so eager to uncover dirt on this President, that they jump at the chance to be the first to air it. In doing so, they are easily manipulated by the President's opposition.

mtdewbob Arizona
12/11/17 4:16 am

I think it that they just don’t care but to lie. No one has ever challenged mainstream media until now. We have challenges of mainstream media from President Trump on down to the citizens of this country, only if we can get republican Congress to start challenging these lies.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/11/17 6:03 am

Good luck with that! The current Republican Congress contains too many people who are focused on personal job security rather than National Security.