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Ebola1 November 30th, 2017 1:05pm

Have you ever heard of or personally experienced a male physician who would perform PAP smears or pelvic/breast exams without a chaperone?

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EarlyBird Portland
11/30/17 8:45 pm

Many, many, times.

BrittneyBunny Maryland
11/30/17 6:05 pm

I had a male OB doctor who did exams without another person in the room, he also ended up being the doctor on call then night I delivered. Didn't really have a problem or felt uncomfortable at any point but understand why some would want one.

Greenie Social Democrat
11/30/17 12:39 pm

Of course. Doctors are professionals.

evoecon nearest binary system
11/30/17 11:40 am

We are past those decades.

11/30/17 11:25 am

My wife has had obgyns who did not have nurses in the room during her exams. It didn’t occur to her until much later that it might have been a problem, after another obgyn insisted on it. But she didn’t personally have any problems or feel uncomfortable.

11/30/17 8:19 am

No, my last male doc always had his nurse in the room with him. I prefer a female GYN now for many reasons.
FOTD-the male doctor I’m referring to was actually stalked by one of his patients. She came to his door with a gun. Washington Post ran the story. Dude was smoking hot. She served time.

cheermom New Jersey
11/30/17 6:15 am

I’m 61. This was the norm in the 70s and 80s. Never gave it a second thought.

teachinla California
11/30/17 7:50 am

Ditto, although I’m older.

Ebola1 Florida
11/30/17 6:13 am

I once worked with a doctor who did this. He felt the patient resented the presence of the chaperone during such a personal exam where very personal questions may be asked.

11/30/17 6:09 am

No. I don’t have a male OB/Gyn but the two times I was in the ER for pregnancy related issues and the one time a male performed a pelvic ultrasound, women were present. I can’t speak for all though.

Ebola1 Florida
11/30/17 6:16 am

In this age do you feel a chaperone (third person) should be present for such an exam regardless of the sex of the doctor?

11/30/17 6:41 am

Personally, no but I understand why the doctors would want to have a chaperone. For transparency, I’ve never felt comfortable with men examining me. It’s from my upbringing.

11/30/17 9:01 am

Ebola, I have a female and she always asks me if I would prefer her nurse present.