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TheVCPost November 22nd, 2017 2:47pm

Report: Source says Vice Speaker CollinMatthew is looking for a different democrat to run instead of CajunTrooper next election.

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11/23/17 11:45 am

I didn’t say that 😁

bower8899 ...
11/22/17 11:08 am

This doesn't make a lot of sense, cajun and collin are very close in Political views

lucaval STL
11/22/17 9:30 am

The election is still months away.. Why are we talking about this rather than Legislation?

CajunTrooper Louisiana State Trooper
11/22/17 9:41 am

They have nothing better to report on

jadeburt Ann Arbor, Michigan
11/22/17 1:50 pm

Not really. It’s at the start of January. That’s just 6 weeks from now.

CajunTrooper Louisiana State Trooper
11/22/17 8:48 am

I haven’t even said I was running😂

11/22/17 9:12 am

exactly, idk how they make this stuff up

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
11/22/17 9:43 am

Be careful. They could release a screenshot of you saying “I’m running” in a PM, but your name will be misspelled and the PM wont have a date on it, but it’s definitely real...

11/22/17 8:19 am

How do you make things up like this? I'm not even thinking about the election right now.

11/22/17 8:21 am

Do you endorse cajuntrooper?

11/22/17 8:26 am

He's my top choice for when the election starts but I will look at all choices. I'm not actively looking for someone else. The thing is the election hasn't even started.