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Wino November 22nd, 2017 6:16am

In 2010 Ted Koppel stated, “the commercial success of both Fox News and MSNBC is a source of nonpartisan sadness for me. While I can appreciate the financial logic ... the trend is not good for the republic.”

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Think Lovin Life
11/23/17 12:14 am

Ted has disappeared into the irrelevance that he deserves. He was not nonpartisan, he was a leftist hack.

ovcourse California
11/22/17 8:17 am

He shouldn’t have stopped at those two stations. All the news is now propagandized. Just report the facts, and keep your opinions to yourself, and I’ll watch your news program again.

Wino I need a drink
11/22/17 9:33 am

Agreed. Over the past decade it’s gotten worse, IMO. I think it’s gotten worse because of the success of these two media outlets. They outperformed so others took to the same model. Now it’s fear, propaganda, and division rather than news.

11/22/17 6:13 am

Entertainment tv

pcisbs1 Baltimore to Central PA
11/22/17 5:42 am

Fox News was the best thing that happened to cable TV, it actually gives people the opportunity to hear a different side and most times, actual truths about things that most people would have never known about until they came along.

chinito Florida
11/23/17 7:08 am

I agree. But it would be better if news outlets were unbiased.