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ptellini November 17th, 2017 12:55pm

Please check out the link and the following verse: Colossians 1:17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.

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TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/17/17 11:27 pm

I’ve heard of Laminin before and seen its cruciform shape. The Scripture cited applies perfectly! ✟

ptellini Homosuperior
11/18/17 5:34 am

The more I learn about science, the more I am astounded by the accuracy of the Bible.

phalnx Ohio
11/17/17 6:47 am

I'm more concerned about what you think of your Holy Father telling us to cool it with the global warming and take better care of our environment. Of course you agree with Him, right?

ptellini Homosuperior
11/17/17 6:48 am

If you’re being serious, please point out the scripture that you are referring to.

ptellini Homosuperior
11/17/17 6:56 am

I read the article and didn’t see any scripture.

phalnx Ohio
11/17/17 7:00 am

It's from the Book of Francis. You do remember what St. Paul said about Divine Inspiration (The Holy Spirit), right? He who occupies the bishopric of St. Peter is God's mouthpiece, and His word is God's Word.

ptellini Homosuperior
11/17/17 7:01 am

What he says needs to be consistent with God’s Word. If it’s not consistent, I don’t care what He says.

phalnx Ohio
11/17/17 7:05 am

What He says IS God's Word. Jeez, what kind of Roman Catholic are you?

ptellini Homosuperior
11/17/17 7:22 am

I am a Bible believing Christian. The Bible says to test everything. I am not supposed to just take somebody’s word for anything matter what position they claim to be.
What he says is the Word of God ONLY if he is quoting Scripture.

kscott516 Masks fail
11/17/17 7:23 am

Are you calling the pope the “Holy Father”? He’s not holy.

ptellini Homosuperior
11/17/17 7:35 am

Unfortunately, from what I have seen that he has said on various topics, I would consider him a false prophet. There are things that he has said that are in direct contradiction to the Bible.

kscott516 Masks fail
11/17/17 9:47 am

Nowhere in the Bible is there any mention of apostolic succession. The pope is not the mouthpiece for God, the Bible is.