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jlong105 November 17th, 2017 11:32am

If I wanted to go have a relaxing vacation on the beach, which SOHer should I look up?

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Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
11/17/17 1:04 pm

Somebody who only goes to the beach to just sit there on a towel for a bit. A shoobie, in other terms.

voc I am...what I am
11/17/17 6:31 am

Voc. I hear he’s fun. He likes good beer, good wine, good scotch, and good food. He’s not easy though, so if you want to get in his pants you’ll have to work for it.

imanag My heaven on Earth
11/17/17 5:56 am

@orgblu10 could chill out with you.

jlong105 Indiana
11/17/17 5:59 am

I could see that.

orgblu10 Shamerica
11/17/17 9:40 am


Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/17/17 5:45 am

These are questions? All squid, all the time! 😄

jlong105 Indiana
11/17/17 5:55 am

I think we could have a good time over a couple 🍻. We may not see eye to eye all the time, but I think there is enough respect between us to overlook those differences.