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iceberg124 November 16th, 2017 3:51pm

Senator Al Franken is now being accused of sexually assaulting a radio host and groping her, if True should Franken be expelled from the senate?

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Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/16/17 2:50 pm

Let’s apply the same standard for him that we do to potus (either party) and all politicians. He should resign....and not run again.

Carcano Mark 15 39
11/18/17 6:37 am

If the people elect him then he has a right to be there. It's the people's will that matters in this country, in case you forgot.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/18/17 7:46 am

So you think he shouldn't resign? I'm fine with that if the standard is consistent.

11/16/17 11:46 am

Expelled? No. resign? Yes

johonmilla Monroe, nc
11/16/17 10:56 am

Well that’s a bummer. I liked Al. Oh well, nice knowing him!

suppressedID hope despite the times
11/16/17 10:49 am

Not quite pressuring teens to do fellatio or trolling malls for teenyboppers, but definitely out of line.

Bummer, Al.

11/16/17 11:13 am

Are there levels of acceptable unwanted sexual contact? Molesting a sleeping woman and photographing it and forcing her to kiss you is pretty scummy.

suppressedID hope despite the times
11/16/17 3:35 pm

Don’t look at this as a defense, just a distinction.

11/16/17 3:41 pm

I wouldn’t think of you as defending it. I have seen defense of it today. Plenty of defense. 🤤

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/16/17 10:48 am

At this rate there won’t be a single employable man in the country.
They all have a tactile approach to life in general and women in particular.
Ok - not all - most!

11/16/17 10:14 am

There is a photo so there is that. All those guilty of sexual assault (and beyond the punitive phase), deserve everything they get from public ostracizing to job loss. You don’t take what you want without consent.

zimmy Florida
11/16/17 9:09 am

Yes! If it’s true, drain that swamp! Although I haven’t heard that about Franken yet?

11/16/17 9:11 am

Look at the link, there is photo evidence of him grabbing her breasts

zimmy Florida
11/16/17 9:18 am

Yup just saw it on the HuffPost.

rons Thanks America
11/16/17 10:04 am

He said boob grabs were a joke but nothing about deep throating her.

cowboy Proud Father
11/16/17 9:05 am

It doesn’t have to be true anymore. I’m sure the Communists will give Al the same treatment as Roy Moore...