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DerekWills November 13th, 2017 1:51pm

I’m trying to get my house on the market, and am absolutely amazed at how much junk I have accumulated. I’ve lost count of how much I’ve donated to Goodwill in the past year. Have you ever been perplexed at the amount of unneeded stuff you own?

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WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
11/13/17 8:11 pm

We just went through this and it’s incredible how much stuff we had in a one bedroom condo.

jmw7477 Indiana
11/13/17 7:23 pm

We just sold our house a little over a year ago. Our realtor told us we had to declutter to list it. We had an enclosed trailer at the time. So we just started loading it up. When we moved into this house, I stood by the door & told everyone where to take stuff. We’d gotten rid of a lot, but still had a lot.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/13/17 5:17 pm

Carlin had a great skit about how a house is just a place to store your stuff.

Chante97 Detroit
11/13/17 12:03 pm

Captalism and consumerism are American values

11/14/17 4:38 am

The capitalism part is good. The consumerism is not.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/13/17 9:26 am

Yes! And I’m tired of it!
Now I only buy what I need - not what I want. I’ve spoiled myself.

Ebola1 Florida
11/13/17 8:12 am

I just had 3 dumpsters full of stuff removed from my house.

11/13/17 8:07 am

Didn’t you just move into your house?

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/13/17 8:44 am

It’s been 3 years. But I’m likely getting a job with Lockheed Martin and will have to move to Ft. Worth.

voc I am...what I am
11/13/17 7:40 am

My basement flooded a few years ago. Got rid of a ton of stuff. Amazing how much crap accumulates.

BasedBlur Texas
11/13/17 7:16 am

I easily own over 1000 dollars on blu-rays. Christ.

11/13/17 7:11 am

We're doing the same thing. It's amazing and overwhelming. Good luck.

CrazDab Florida
11/13/17 7:05 am

Every 2 years I try to edit and get rid of the things that I haven't used in the last 2 years. It keeps things clean and neat and makes room for new things. You are doing the right thing though because no one wants to see a cluttered house with junk everywhere.

CrazDab Florida
11/13/17 7:05 am

And if you have it clean and neat, you can cleanly and cleverly place things neatly to cover up any problem areas. I bought a house. They had it neat and clean...but when they moved out a few things were exposed that I never saw. Like the 3rd bathroom tile. She had a few rugs down. And the rungs and the color of the rugs kind of hid the tile. The tile appeared badge with the big rugs down. But it was actually pink tile when the bathroom was emptied. lol. So I had to put in decent tile because I couldn't deal with that pink stuff. Very clever how she cleverly and neatly hid it 👍. And out in the backyard there's a big stump from when she had a big palm tree cut down. She nearly had a big planter with flowers in front of it and I never saw it until she moved it 🤷‍♂️

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/13/17 9:28 am

Sounds like FL house-buying!

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/13/17 6:54 am

...any spare .357 revolvers? I’m in the market.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/13/17 9:00 am

Thought you were strictly a SA guy!

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/13/17 9:30 am

Hell no!
I love wheel guns, SA guns, DA guns, and bolt guns! Semi guns, full auto guns, burst guns, and all!
Big guns and small guns, long guns and short! Full size and pocket guns, in calibers large and small!

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/13/17 9:37 am

You forgot cap guns and spud guns... 😃