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Carolynn new jersey
11/12/17 7:09 am

Yes, when I was 13 or 14. I was very interested in Wicca and other new age ideas.

Mariland neon butterfly garden
11/12/17 6:34 am

Not for me, but I did watch The Craft about three thousand times too many

ctskapski x
11/12/17 1:48 pm

That film launched a cultural epoch in the 90s.

Spawned Charmed, and I think it inspired things like Buffy and Sabrina.

Mariland neon butterfly garden
11/12/17 7:09 pm

Hmm. Methinks I agree.
Esp Charmed... I used to like that too.
Even with 90210’s Shannon “Brenda”Doherty

Mariland neon butterfly garden
11/12/17 7:38 pm

3,001 Times... it’s on Logo right now LoL

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/11/17 10:57 pm

No. I believe what Gluxford expresses below. It is a mistake to take this lightly, as entertaining.

jmw7477 Indiana
11/11/17 10:05 pm

Merriam-Webster definition of occultism:
occult theory or practice :belief in or study of the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
11/11/17 9:13 pm

Sure when I was younger, I’ve always been fascinated by the occult

gluxford1 Arizona
11/11/17 8:28 pm

Absolutely not. I'm a Christian and I don't mess with demons. Messing with the occult opens doors that shouldn't be opened and can invite evil into your home and your life.

ctskapski x
11/11/17 8:41 pm

John Dee was a Christian.
He was also somewhat of a demonologist.

gluxford1 Arizona
11/11/17 8:52 pm

Demonology is the study of the occult, not the practicing of it.

orgblu10 Shamerica
11/11/17 8:52 pm

I agree, Gluxford. There's enough evil out there without giving it an invitation.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/11/17 9:00 pm

EXACTLY, Glux! I would’ve said almost the same exact thing you did.

Xemanis Lawful Good
11/11/17 9:54 pm

Demology is *a* study of occult, not the study of it.

ctskapski x
11/11/17 10:28 pm

If it is a study of the occult... It still fits the question.

ctskapski x
11/11/17 10:29 pm

How does one study things?
How would one study demonology other than practice?

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/11/17 10:44 pm

Gluxford, I completely agreed.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/11/17 10:56 pm

Ctskapski, studying ABOUT something is NOT the same as practicing it. People study about world religions all the time, but that doesn’t mean they become a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew.

Demonology is the study of demons. Christians can study about demons just by studying their Bibles!

I’ve also read a couple of fiction books that are modern day retellings of C .S. Lewis’ Screwtape letters. All the books are about demons and how they influence us every day. The names of the two books I’ve read are Lord Foulgrin’s Letters & The Ishbane Conspiracy by Randy Alcorn.

You can buy them at Amazon.


lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/11/17 11:14 pm

The Texas shooter’s ex-wife said that he was filled with hatred and demons. It seems so.

ctskapski x
11/11/17 11:53 pm

Having read some of the things attributed to Dee, it's not information which could possibly be gleaned from a Bible.

ctskapski x
11/12/17 12:01 am

Most of the artifacts left relate to mystical divination.

Fortune telling and scrying. You know. For God.

You're totally correct that modern Christian demonology is primarily a matter of Biblical interpretation.

There was also the study of witches and demons by Inquisitors, who would rip with torture the diabolical secrets from heretical lips.

Then there's the Goethian (spelling unsure), also called the Solomonic tradition. By all accounts, Dee was a follower of this school of thought on the matter.
The Goethian tradition sees demons as beings punished by God, and therefore you were justified by bending them to your will under God's power.
And that's how they were (allegedly) studied.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/12/17 12:12 pm

I don’t know anything about this Dees fellow. I was just talking about present day study.

ctskapski x
11/12/17 1:45 pm

Ah, no. I mean long ago. It's just not how it's done now.

But people have done it, as Christians even.

ctskapski x
11/12/17 1:47 pm

The thought process is something like "wielding the power of hell, against the powers of hell, by the authority of heaven."