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ArdentNerdyGirl June 12th, 2017 8:04pm

Do you believe counseling is truly beneficial to people?

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06/13/17 5:02 am

Absolutely. It does depend somewhat on the circumstances- the person's level of commitment to regular attendance and working on the things they are taught, their specific issue and the type of therapy they are getting, the skills of the therapist and how compatible they are with the client, etc.

06/12/17 6:21 pm

Ehh depends how seriously the person takes it. If someone is truly dedicated to therapy then maybe, but that is rare.

snagglepuss Story Time
06/12/17 5:47 pm

It depends on the counselor and the person seeking counseling. There has to be a rapport and skill set.

jlong105 Indiana
06/12/17 4:19 pm

Some people. It entirely depends on how receptive the individual being counseled is.

leilu SoCal
06/12/17 2:56 pm

Yes. I chose to see a counselor a few years ago to help me get through some anger issues I was experiencing. She was tremendously helpful and I learned things about why I am the way that I am. Very helpful.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
06/12/17 2:31 pm

Absolutely! It often provides much needed perspective. Not everyone has someone like that in their normal circles.

Ebola1 Florida
06/12/17 2:12 pm


ArdentNerdyGirl USA
06/12/17 1:55 pm

I am no expert, but I chose no. I used to want to go to school for counseling. I switched, because a lot of it just seemed too full of it. It felt like coaxing.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
06/12/17 1:53 pm

It definitely can be for many people. But for others it may not help.

bubba2526 New Jersey
06/12/17 1:32 pm

I believe it depends on the person for some who want it it can be tremendously beneficial and to those who don't want it it can either have no effect or in some cases have negative effects

ArdentNerdyGirl USA
06/12/17 1:41 pm

I couldn't have said it better myself!

ctskapski x
06/12/17 1:27 pm

It depends on the circumstances, but generally, yes.