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Bobnpt June 12th, 2017 2:44pm

71% of evangelicals believe God had some role in helping Trump get elected

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06/12/17 5:30 pm

This could be true. It does seem as if Trump is a punishment from God.

smartfart Florida
06/12/17 12:25 pm

If there is a God & if he/she had a hand in the election, he/she fell asleep at the switch. The seventh day can be brutal sometimes & need extended naps.

06/12/17 9:44 am

If God had a hand in the race, I'd think there would have been better fitting candidates to choose. That said, God did not have a hand in the race. People said it was Ted Cruz. When Cruz didn't get the nod, Christians said America turned their back on God. So who was in charge on that one? If it was God's will like so many claimed, why did it not happen? Because God doesn't have a hand in elections.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/12/17 8:08 am

Damn...even god hates hillary clinton