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RussianThunder May 27th, 2017 3:01am

Heard this in a song "Don't know why they call it graduation's more like a funeral for youth now passed away". Is there any truth to that statement or not?

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lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/27/17 12:23 pm

Graduation is more of a rite of passage to a different phase of life. It's not like a funeral. Hopefully, the best is yet to come.

05/27/17 5:26 am

I'd argue 'end if youth' hits at 30. All graduation represents is the end of your state mandated mind control. Graduation = Gradual Indoctrination.

05/27/17 3:38 am

Not in my experience. After graduation I led a varied and active life seeing new places, doing new things and enjoying myself far more than while in school.

catpillow Florida West Coast
05/26/17 11:05 pm

Since every ending is a new beginning, you could focus on the ending of childhood. Most of us focus on the beginning and are excited to start the next new adventure in our lives.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
05/26/17 10:40 pm

I don't think it's entirely true, but I can relate to the nostalgic sentiment it expresses. It certainly felt like that when I graduated grade school. High school, not so much. I'll see what college graduation and beyond brings.

orgblu10 Shamerica
05/26/17 8:57 pm

Not at all. There's a lot of youth left after graduation. It's an attitude thing.

corino Utah
05/26/17 8:09 pm

Only if you're a gang member.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
05/26/17 8:08 pm

No, not a shred of truth to it. Your life is just beginning at that point.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/26/17 8:29 pm

I thought it was saying it was the end of their youth, Tom. Is that what it means, RT?

If so, I would say this USED to be true, but not any more, as Millennials are refusing to grow up and be adults at that age!

Kay41 the Midwest
05/26/17 8:57 pm

Millennials get a bad rap. I have three millennial children. Two are 24 years old, have jobs as accountants, live on there own, have cars, and are grabbing adult life by the horns. The third is 22 and finishing a nursing degree. My kids are not exceptional. Many, many other kids their age are doing just as well.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/26/17 9:12 pm

My four Millennials are doing well, also, Kay. But I think yours and ours are the exception, when I read some of the comments here and articles online.

There are even Millennials here that say they are embarrassed to be Millennials because of how others of their generation act. And all you have to do to learn more about Millennials that refuse to grow up is to google that phrase. They even have a name for them. I can't remember what it's called.


Kay41 the Midwest
05/26/17 9:17 pm

I disagree. I know manyโ€‹ millennials who are thriving. I've done some reading on the subject too. This generation is faced with some challenges others didn't have. That doesn't mean they are lazy. I think they have been given this reputation (some perhaps rightly so) and now everyone assumes the generation as a whole is lazy and doesn't want to become adults. I think it is an unfair assessment of the majority, but true for a small portion. I just don't believe that your children and mine happen to just not fit the mold.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/26/17 10:12 pm

You may be right. I think there is also a wide variance between the older ones and the younger ones, but that could just be my perception, also.

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
05/27/17 4:44 am

๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป Another millennial that "doesn't fit the mold." I agree with Kay. I don't think I'm abnormal in my generation.

Kay41 the Midwest
05/27/17 5:41 am

You are another great example!

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/27/17 11:42 am

Yes, Kim is another good example. Maybe I'm too rough on them. I think the next time it comes up with Millennials that are embarrassed, I'm going to ask them what percentage of Millennials they feel fall into that category.

So Kim, what percentage do you think it would be?

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
05/27/17 12:56 pm

Maybe 20%? It's hard to say since none of my high school or college friends (with the exception of a couple old roommates) fit into that category. Almost everyone my age who I have associated with, are doing very well for themselves, living on their own with full time jobs etc. And it's not like I have to go out of my way to find these people either. I rarely come across entitled or lazy Millennials.