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croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
05/26/17 8:54 am

I trust them to be biased in their reporting, just like CNN and MSNBC and every other media outlet. They all have their biases, some are more overt than others, so you have to understand the viewpoint they're giving you. I don't trust or distrust them outright, but take each story as it comes and contrast it to the same story from the other bias.

PlumumpkinOgre City Beautiful, Sunshine
05/26/17 5:46 am

Look at their prime time line up. Tucker sucks the right's dick, the Five is an orgy for the Trumpettes, and Hannity i don't think can physically appear somewhat neutral.

No, they have commentary instead of news like the others

05/26/17 2:11 am

Since they themselves say that 80%of the news channel content is opinion, no.

chinito Florida
05/25/17 8:54 pm

I know they are biased but they are the only news network that will report the other side of the news. Without them, Democrats would be able to get away with anything.

05/25/17 8:50 pm

No. In fact, I don't implicitly trust any news organizations. I like to verify what I read and hear.

susannr Colorado
05/25/17 7:23 pm

You won't after seeing this documentary! 👍

Jedi97 Wisconsin
05/25/17 8:15 pm

That's like me saying watch Mitchel Moore documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Spoiler alert: George Bush is housing terrorist at the White House. I'm not kidding! Watch it and you will see the liberal Bullshit!

05/25/17 8:32 pm

Jed, The GOP party of thieves, liars, bigots, racists, xenophobes, homophobes and political prostitutes for the one percent knowingly put this President sociopath in office so they could fulfill the Republican vision of looting the nation on behalf of the corporations, the Koch Brothers, the insurance companies, the banks, the defense contractors, and the mega rich and reducing the rest of us to serfs. Are we great yet?

MaurPher Anywhere but here
05/25/17 6:22 pm

Fox News is the most biased mainstream news station in the US. Anyone who watches this channel daily is brainwashed or a narcissist.

Jedi97 Wisconsin
05/25/17 8:08 pm

You should watch MSNBC sometime.

smartfart Florida
05/25/17 4:54 pm

Trust them to do what? Employ sexual predators? Of course!

ConservativeCA Joe Biden is barely alive
05/25/17 4:55 pm

If you're talking about Bill O'Reilly, he is no longer employed by Fox News for the alleged reason you stated. So, you can trust Fox News to not employ sexual predators.

Jedi97 Wisconsin
05/25/17 8:10 pm

If you get something from USA Today your despite to piss people off #Liberal News Network

Jedi97 Wisconsin
05/25/17 8:22 pm

I would rather have sexual predators than Democrats trying to impeach Trump and blame Russia.

05/25/17 8:34 pm

This just in from Breitbart; be afraid, be very afraid!

smartfart Florida
05/26/17 2:47 am

"I would rather have sexual predators..."
Well, you're definitely happy with Trump. There's a sexual predator living in the White House too.
It's scary how far ahead the right will put politics over the safety of women.

Kamden popular revolt
05/25/17 4:19 pm

I don't know that I can right now. They're shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly.

Jedi97 Wisconsin
05/25/17 8:11 pm

You should watch CNN and MSNBC with Russia every ten minutes.