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VCBreakingNews May 22nd, 2017 4:33pm

National Front, in a statement, says they believe CollinMatthew is attacking the press. National Front sides with the press as they have been under attack as well. Sources say they believe CollinMatthew is trying to become a dictator of VC. Possible?

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05/22/17 9:40 am

In power, takes speaker, in power again for 3 terms. He's already the dictator of the VC. Those are the exact moves Putin made

musicotic Michigan
05/22/17 9:36 am

Ridiculous accusation. This is why people claim this account is biased.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
05/22/17 9:46 am

I am going to take down this poll. This is way too biased

05/22/17 9:49 am

Nope. Last time I signed on I did ranger13 interview. It makes the NF and me look bad more than anything