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ScenarioNations May 21st, 2017 10:38pm

Universe 1 - 2068: The US has fallen in power and now only contains 7 states. The Direct Democracy of New England contains 8 and has began invading New York (US controlled). Does the DDNE take New York? (Stats will be in the comment section)

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JustTheFacts7 New York
05/21/17 3:43 pm

The 4th Armored Division, 1st Marine Division, 8th Army Division, and 12th Artillery Battery are be along the US border with the DDNE in NY.

1st MD:

11,000 Marines

30 M1A2 SEP Abrams

25 M1A2 Bradleys


130 Humvees

10 M110 Howitzer (SPG)

(For Air and Naval Support see above)*

8th Army:

30,000 Men

50 M1A2 SEP Abrams

150 M1A2 Bradley IFVs

200 Humvees

200 MRAPs

12th Artillery Battery:

4,000 men

50 M110 Howitzer (SPG)

30 M270A1 MLRS

15 M198 Howitzer

20 Humvees

JustTheFacts7 New York
05/21/17 3:46 pm

4th AD:

50 M1A2 (SEP)

150 M1A2 Bradley IFV

200 Humvees

200 MRAP

11,000 Men

(Air Support from the USS Nimitz, 3 F-16A, 2 F-35B, 12 F-15A, 22 AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter; Naval support from USS Zumwalt, USS Arleigh-Burke and USS Philadelphia(Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyers))*

EhhitsCaden Ohio
05/21/17 5:45 pm

What are you sending to make this possible? Carbon emissions?