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lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/22/17 5:29 pm

There is no comparison. Kurt Russell is one of my favorite actors. He's a much better actor, and much better looking 😉

Carolynn new jersey
05/20/17 12:20 pm

Kurt Russell. I like his work and he's a good guy. He's been with Goldie Hawn for about 30 years.

hellofabird Iceland
05/20/17 12:13 pm

Gotgv2 Spoilers

Fungi Charlotte NC
05/20/17 11:05 am

Was the variation in their ages intentional?

Izzynius Independent
05/20/17 11:06 am

Just like these pictures more.

Fungi Charlotte NC
05/20/17 11:10 am

Yeah. That's a young Hoff. Ever see Kirtland Russell as Snake Pliskin? He was a baaaaad man. LOL

Izzynius Independent
05/20/17 11:12 am

Could be early 2000s for the poll picture.

Fungi Charlotte NC
05/20/17 11:14 am

OMG. He was great in the SpongeBob movie.

Izzynius Independent
05/20/17 10:57 am

Celebrity poll: David Hasselhoff or Kurt Russell?

Izzynius Independent
05/20/17 11:01 am

I vote for David Hasselhoff. His Knight Rider show was awesome.