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FieryFury May 16th, 2017 11:19pm

Do you have a lawn service take care of your lawn or do you take care of your own lawn and property?

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FieryFury America
05/18/17 2:03 pm

I used to mow our lawn but bc I Couldn't mow it at the exact time my dad wanted it done, he started getting a lawn service to do it.

I had 2 jobs. I told my dad, I'd do it when I could but that wasn't good enough for him.

05/16/17 5:09 pm

My son does the yard work.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
05/16/17 4:23 pm

I live in an apartment complex and they do it.

susanr Colorado
05/16/17 4:34 pm

Same here. When I had a house I mostly did the work myself though; other housemates did some of it, but I liked doing it the most.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
05/16/17 4:55 pm

I used to mow the grass growing up. It was my favorite chore, but other than that the humidity and the pollen made yardwork not fun for me in AL.

susanr Colorado
05/16/17 5:14 pm

I loved gardening - didn't really do any of it when I was growing up, but my dad had a small vegetable garden, and a couple of grape vines. He or my brother mowed the grass.

I started gardening when the commune had a vacant lot to play with, and then when I owned a house (with a few housemates) in MIchigan for 13 years, I really got into it. I put raised beds of vegetables & some strawberries in the front yard (because that's where the sun was) plus herbs & some flowers in beds near the house. Later when we put up a wrought iron fence around the front, I planted 4 grape vines that grew up it. (They're still there! I can see at least 2-3 of them on Google Street View.) I mowed the grass with a beautiful push mower. We also at one point had 2 community garden plots.

I *really* miss having a yard and a garden. I did buy 8 little tomato plants on Sunday, mostly heirloom varieties, that will go in pots on a ledge, and I'll have herbs & a few flowers, but that's about all.


BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
05/16/17 5:51 pm

Nice! Dad was the gardener of our family.