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Skarface July 14th, 2013 10:52am

Do you know the difference between the UK, Great Britain, and England?

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07/14/13 11:51 am

I would probably score a 50-75% on a test.

GetEduc8d learning more everyday
07/14/13 9:23 am

Yep. I've only been over there ten times or so, so I better know the difference.

MJSeals J.D.
07/14/13 8:14 am

England is who we beat in wars then defend, Great Britain is an s
Island with really one important country (Whales) and UK is Northern Ireland

07/14/13 8:53 am

Haha "whales" :)

fredd TrumpLand
07/14/13 9:24 am

The poor Whelsh, I guess they got harpooned.

bMyComrade Stumptown
07/14/13 8:08 am

Its been explained below - but yes I do. I can even explain how, when, and why each union happened and the changes to the flag along the way, lol. Which I actually did to my friends the other day - I am so much a history teacher lol.

Skarface Banned
07/14/13 7:57 am
This video covers that topic, as well as a few others.

Skarface Banned
07/14/13 3:53 am

Answer: the UK is Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. Great Britain is Scotland and England. England, of course, is just England.

Skarface Banned
07/14/13 4:01 am

Oops, I forgot Wales.

DavesNotHere where am I
07/14/13 6:02 am

What about Ireland (not Northern Ireland)?

07/14/13 6:17 am

Ireland's a totally different country. No affiliation. It used to be, but it seceded in the 20s, I believe.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/14/13 6:44 am

Rlands, wrong. The isle of Ireland is split. North Ireland is part of the UK, and the Republic of Ireland is a sovereign nation.

07/14/13 6:51 am

And that is Ireland. He didn't say north Ireland. He actually said not north Ireland. Actual Ireland isn't part of the UK or GB or England.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/14/13 6:56 am

Don't forget the Isle of Man and Jersey. Those are under the crown, no? I believe they are more so then, say, Canada.

07/14/13 7:01 am

I don't think they're specifically part of the UK...they call them dependencies or something. But I could be wrong on that.

DavesNotHere where am I
07/14/13 7:08 am

Thank you all for the answers. I've always wondered about Ireland's official status. I'd live to go to the UK one day. And the Emerald Isle too.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/14/13 8:11 am

Skarface said Northern Ireland...I don't see where the confusion is coming from

Skarface Banned
07/14/13 8:17 am

DiJitiL was wondering about the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland.

DavesNotHere where am I
07/14/13 9:00 am

Skarface is correct. I meant the republic.