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Plaudible college CS major
12/23/16 5:40 pm

Never kissed anyone yet. Knowing my chances that'll be lifelong and I'm dying alone 😂

Muffin2424 Utah
12/23/16 3:12 pm

Any girl I have kissed has actually told me I am.

MeanBrett Michigan
12/22/16 8:20 pm

I'd like to think so. I'd have to ask an ex to know for sure I guess

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
12/22/16 5:24 pm

Depends on the lips I am kissing.

EarlyBird Portland
12/22/16 2:39 pm

Amazing. 💋

GodBeforeAll Great State of Texas
12/22/16 10:00 am

I've never had my kissing skills criticized, so I guess so? I don't think its normal to kiss somebody and then say "Wow you're a bad kisser" though, so I don't really know how I'd know

JennaB Mother
12/22/16 8:39 am

@SoftSuki am I?

Suki90 Done with rude people
12/22/16 4:13 pm

No dear... Of course you are!

McMurphyJohnson say what now
12/22/16 4:29 pm

Congrats on your engagement girls!

Suki90 Done with rude people
12/22/16 4:37 pm

Thanks! It was an amazing engaygment super special