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HoosierFan December 22nd, 2016 2:26pm

Cyber security firm CrowdStrike has found that the same malware used to hack the DNC was used to hack an Android app the Ukrainian military used to target artillery strikes. Who is more likely to be behind these attacks?

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ovcourse McCarthy was right
12/22/16 9:07 am

It doesn't matter whether it was Russia, China or the 400 pound fat guy.

12/22/16 7:28 am

For anyone who's confused, CIA and FBI have agreed that Russia is responsible.

Donald Trump says it could be anyone, including a 400 pound guy in New Jersey.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/22/16 7:32 am write something but refuse to give a source and expect me to do the work of verifying your claim.
I will just assume you have a crappy citation.
Bad academics. I may be lazy but I know how to cite a source.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/22/16 7:49 am

CrowdStrike run by a man named Dmitry Alperovitch, living in the US, was hired to find Russian hackers and found them and hey, they hack into Ukrainian technology too.
Shocking 😂😂
Now, the only way the US would have access to Ukrainian systems is if the Ukrainians gave it to them. So, why use an American company? Ukrainians are excellent hackers too. Why go all the way to the US? Germany, UK, Norway....all have good cyber security reputations.
It may have been Russia. I don't know. Russia may be hacking Ukrainian systems to prop up the rebels. Very possible if not probable. Just as the US props of rebels in Syria.
All I know is countries hack. Do we want Russia hacking our systems? Nope. Do they want us hacking theirs? Nope.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/22/16 7:28 am

Likely a heavy hitter. 400 lbs is pretty heavy.