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FigTheDog December 18th, 2016 9:04pm

China has more people so USA would lose a if it invaded

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TheHand If you need a hand
12/18/16 3:48 pm

Uh huh? And exactly how are they going to get all those people over here to invade?
It's not like we border China. Did you take the time to consider that they would need thousands of ships to transport that many people?

12/18/16 3:53 pm

We are going to invade not them Jack ass why do you think we want control of what goes on in Asia China wants to control Asia

TheHand If you need a hand
12/18/16 4:13 pm

Read your own ambiguous Poll Figshiit.
You don't even know how to use proper English grammar. I guess I would expect that from someone who is named after a cookie? Read your polls fool before you start calling people a jackass.
I remember you from way back. You're a dummy and don't agree with much so adios pinche cabron!

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/18/16 2:48 pm

The Chinese do not grow up with guns. They would probably mass produce inferior guns.

12/18/16 3:54 pm

U make less sense then a cow on steroids

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/18/16 4:24 pm

Ok....whatever. You say the Chinese....fine. Whatever.