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Maj Worth Economist
12/16/16 11:44 pm


Incidentally, they're related. Spelling having always been a bit of an issue, around the turn of the century (1900), coconut was really popular in the US. The almonds in macarons was replaced with coconut, and thus the macaroon was born. They became popular in part because the recipe was shared by Jewish cookbook writers as they're kosher for passover (no flour). At the same time, Pierre Desfontaines thought of sticking two macarons together with ganache and forming the first macaron like those we think of today.


FacePalm That Trick Never Works
12/17/16 2:01 pm

That is really interesting! Thanks for sharing 8)

susanr Colorado
12/16/16 11:30 pm

I've only had the coconut kind - my mom used to make them - and I do like them a lot. I imagine I'd like the other kind too, though.