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JustJess Laguna Beach
07/11/13 2:33 pm

I'm kind of OCD about that, so yes, it is pretty spotless!

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
07/11/13 11:51 am

Yes,.. It might stem from a mild case of OCD.. But I gotta keep it clean

Jungle in the dog house
07/10/13 1:22 pm

I keep my room clean, unfortunately my dogs don't.

carleyvo Anywhere But Here
07/10/13 9:14 am

I think when someone says "your room," it is the most obvious generalization and abbreviation for one's bedroom, regardless of how much time is spent there.

07/10/13 8:48 am

Clean, but cluttered. And I just got my laundry out of dryer. Hence giant clothing piles on the floor...

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/10/13 8:20 am

Not spotless, but pretty close to it! I hate clutter - the last place I want it is in the room where I sleep.

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 8:16 am

My *room*?

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 8:51 am

Why is my bedroom "my room"? I live in an apartment. I spend less time in the bedroom than I do in any other room except the bathroom; I don't think of it as "my room." I realize I'm being fussy, but I don't live in "a room."

07/10/13 8:53 am

Well, the bedroom is where a lot of personal belongings are kept, like your clothing, jewelry, etc. in general. And that's also just what the question is asking. No need to question the question.

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 8:57 am

No, the question ISN'T asking that. It's PRESUMING I have *a* room. I don't.

I will apologize to sdonovon, though. I've been kind of pissy about this, unnecessarily. There are plenty of other polls that are not inclusive of all users...

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 9:04 am

..those that presume one drives a car, has a regular job, has a spouse or SO (none of which are true for me, either), and one just either copes, or skips the poll. Usually only children & teenagers have "a room," & there's something about...

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 9:05 am

...the apparent assumption that we're all teenagers here that bugs me just a tiny bit more than most of the other presumptions.

But, again, I apologize.

I keep "my room" clean. Along with the rest of my apartment.

SarahD in your orbit
07/10/13 9:22 am

I am a teenager so naturally when I think of keeping a part of my house clean I think of my room. I suppose I should have phrased the question "do you keep your bedroom clean" or "do you keep your house clean."

SarahD in your orbit
07/10/13 9:24 am

But then if I had said "do you keep your house clean" it would've excluded teenagers or anyone else without their own home. I'm not responsible for keeping my entire house clean. Mainly just my room. Those who are responsible for their house are also

SarahD in your orbit
07/10/13 9:24 am

Responsible for their bedroom. So actually I think my question was fairly inclusive.

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 9:28 am

If you had said "your bedroom," I would have had no problem with it. I just don't think that adults think of their bedroom as "my room."

Again, I apologize for taking my annoyance out on you. It wasn't nice of me.

SarahD in your orbit
07/10/13 9:31 am

I disagree with you but it's okay :)

Maybe it's a regional thing? Idk. I dont know of any adult who doesn't think of their bedroom as their room lol