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Marcel94 July 7th, 2013 11:50pm

Here's to make up for my bad question: Would you rather permanently lose the ability to say 'sorry' or 'thank you'?

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thekoon TX
07/08/13 8:27 am

What about "my bad" or "I appreciate it"

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/08/13 5:31 am

I'd rather people think I'm an ungrateful douche than an uncaring one.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/08/13 5:33 am

And don't apologize @Marcel. The question was fine. There are just some folks who don't like acknowledging an obvious fact which highlights a second, more uncomfortable fact for them.

JamesR Indiana
07/07/13 5:41 pm

Quoting NCIS: "Saying Sorry is a sign of. Weakness"

Kris Humidity Central
07/07/13 5:36 pm

Sorry- My Apologies
Thank You- Gratitude

MrEdwin Mystery
07/07/13 5:49 pm

I think "appreciate it" sounds better :P

larkspur one race. human.
07/07/13 5:19 pm

I would rather lose the ability to say sorry, I would then be more careful with my words and actions, knowing I can't apologize.

beanD California
07/07/13 5:07 pm

"Apologies" and "I appreciate it!"

Problem averted.

beanD California
07/07/13 6:12 pm

I prefer the term "clever"

aurealis the sky
07/07/13 5:03 pm

I feel like it would be easier to express my thanks. I'd rather be able to apologise.

nickoftime in my TARDIS
07/07/13 4:55 pm

Never say sorry, so instead, I'll say "forgive me"

Marcel94 Huntington Beach
07/07/13 5:00 pm

Ah ah . Good one. I should have made it: Never apologize or never show gratitude ever again?

bookah New York
07/07/13 4:54 pm

I said thank you because I would still be able to give a slight smile and a curt nod. Or would I? You're the boss so

Emily33 North Carolina
07/07/13 4:52 pm

I say "sorry" too much anyways. But I can never say "thank you" enough.

Kay41 the Midwest
07/07/13 4:52 pm

I like this one. :). I would want to be able to say Sorry. Thank you can be said more easily through a smile or gesture.